Surfers Paradise Hairwraps & Braiding have been happily hair wrapping on the Gold Coast since 1994.   We pride ourselves on doing quality hairwraps which is why we have been around forso long with many repeat visitors year after year.  

  We wrap in both the original permanent style with the hair wrapped inside and also the removable style that comes with a free hair braid.

The hairwraps are very popular with visitors to the Gold Coast and make a great souvenir to take home as they last 3 to 6 months in the hair.

If you haven’t seen a hairwrap before, they are made up of your selection of colours wrapped around a few strands of your hair and finished off with beads at the end.

The threads are 100% cotton and will not fade or break so you can wash your hair and swim as normal.  The average hairwrap only takes 10 to 15 minutes for us to do.

There are other options that we have designed if you would like something more temporary.

Removable hairwraps have proved to be very popular and you can order them though this web site if you are not visiting Surfers Paradise.

Here you can choose your length, colours and beads. We will send them to you with full instructions on how to attach them to your hair.

Please visit the “removable wrap or removable plait” pages will last!You can also buy our feather extensions online with a kit to attach them to your hair.

Again these are only the best quality feathers which you can leave in your hair for many months.   You can wash them and even blow dry and straighten them.   A full head of braids and braided hair extensions are also very popular and make for easy maintenance while you are on holiday.

Please view the braiding page for pictures.  We also do face painting and glitter tattoos if you would like to try something different.   With a full colour catalogue on display at our stand, you can browse at your leisure to choose the design to best suit you.

We love what we do and our customers do too.   Please visit us whilst on the Gold Coast for a quality hairwrap that will last!.

Closing hours

We are closed some evenings in Winter so please call for an appointment.

Also on display we have the longest hair wrap in the world - to our knowledge!

Surfers Paradise Hair Wraps and Braiding is available for private parties - Home/Hotel visits are available, subject to conditions.




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