Directions to install feather

1 Select feathers you are going to use for the feather extension. Insert micro-link(s) on to the threading needle. Section client's hair. Grasp about 1/8" inch section of hair that is underneath client's natural part.
2 Insert sectioned hair into the threading needle. Slide micro-link off threading needle and on to hair.
3 Hold the micro-link close to the scalp, insert feathers into the micro-link. Be sure to insert feather right-side up. Top side of feather will be slightly darker in color than the underneath side of feather and should flow into the hair. Use your artistic license to insert 1 to 5 feathers, various colors, into micro-link.
4 Be sure to position the hair and the micro-link so that it follows the flow of the hair. Do not hold in upward or sideways direction, which will cause uneven tension. Hold the hair and the micro-link into position. Crimp the micro-link flat. Be sure to crimp the micro-link tightly so it flattens out completely.
5 If the feathers are longer than the hair and you want to trim them, do not cut the ends. Trim feathers from the top end only.

Directions to remove feather

Insert the micro-link into the crimper. Crimp in opposite direction to open. Slide out the feather from the micro-link. Discard the micro-link. You may choose to re-use feathers.

WARNING: This technique must be applied by licensed stylists only. We strongly recommend practicing on a mannequin head before proceeding. We are not responsible for any results from using our products. Anyone, who uses this product, must do so at their own risk. If you are not a stylist, please find your local hair extension professional.



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