Guaranteed to last at least 3-6 months.


The original hair wrap can be made onto your hair when you come

and see us in store. Prices start from $18 depending on the length of your hair,

so we will measure the length of your hair to give you exact prices.


You choose your 6 favourite colours of cotton from our wide selection,

then one of our talented staff will wrap the coloured cottons around a few

strands of your hair.   Your hair will be wrapped inside a patterned hair wrap that will last for a very long time and stay looking as good as new.


Each hair wrap is individually designed and comes with 2 free beads.

Choose from a wide selection of beads, plus we have specially designed

handmade Fimo beads to make your hair wrap even more special.


We also have long-lasting waterproof feathers that will last the lifetime of your

hair wrap. Wash and swim as normal.


Please note that all our combs and hairclips are soaked in a disinfectant solution between each customer.


The most popular choice

From $18.00

Lasts 3 - 6 months

Choice of 6 colours & 2 free beads

Clip-ons also available for school/work

* All hair wraps come with 2 free beads on the end.

These wraps are also available in store.




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