Guaranteed to last at least 3-6 months.

The half wrap is wrapped into your hair at the top the same as the original hair wrap, but then the hair hangs separately for the rest of the length of your braid. The half wrap looks like a wrap at the top but is finished off with a braid or a twist.

Each half wrap is individually designed and comes with 2 free beads.   Choose from a wide selection of beads, plus we have specially designed handmade fimo beads to make your hair wrap even more special.

We also have long-lasting waterproof feathers that will last the lifetime of your half wrap. Wash and swim as normal.   Please note that all our combs and hairclips are soaked in a disinfectant solution between each customer.


Twist or plait from $18

  Lasts 3 - 6 months
  Choose 3 colours & 2 free beads
  The hair hangs separately from the twist or plait
  * All hair wraps come with 2 free beads on the end.


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