Made to order
Lasts for 10 years
* All hair wraps come with 2 free beads on the end.

All removable coloured plaits/braids come with a free kit to attach the braid to your hair.


A cheaper option is the simpler design… the braided style, made from European cottons that won’t break or fade. Using our online instructions and free attachment kit, they are easily joined onto your hair at home.


The braids are handmade on the Gold Coast by tightly plaiting the cottons along the length of the braid using your choice of colour combination.


Your braid will be finished with 2 free matching beads on the end with the option of adding our beautiful handmade beads and feather accents.


Your colour braid will stay in your hair until you take it out. Washing and swimming will not damage or fade your braid, beads, or feathers.  


Many of our customers keep their coloured braid for many years and simply reuse as desired.



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