About Us

We have been proudly proclaiming “Australian Made,” “Australian Owned,” and “Australian Operated” in the Paradise Centre in Surfers Paradise, as well as at Dreamworld, since 1999. Surfers Paradise’s distinctive braids and hair wraps are the greatest and best of their kind. For almost twenty-five years, we’ve been braiding and wrapping hair on the Gold Coast. Mermaid, unicorn, box, and micro braids, as well as braided extensions, hair wraps, and cornrows, are just some of the braid types available on the Gold Coast.

More about us is we are the braids market leader at Gold Coast’s braided and also recently hired by Oscar winner Lesley Vanderwalt to make the braids for the popular picture “Aquaman.” Amanda and her team consistently exceeded our expectations with their attention to detail and high-quality work, which was necessary on multiple occasions.” Contact us now for bookings.