Meet Our Team


As a teenager growing up, I loved braiding my hair in fancy braid styles just for fun,to be alittle different and stand out from the crowd.I graduated university with a Maths Degree and pursued my life as an accountant workingforSky television in London whilst braiding and creating wraps for fun as a hobby. A fewdecades on, I feel incredibly grateful to have thisfunbusinessand the amazing team of girlssome of whom have been with us for decades themselves.We started wrappingand braidingon the Gold Coast in 1994 and havebeen establishedinside the Paradise Centre,Surfers Paradise andatDreamworldfor over 20 years. I love thefact that our customers are always happy and I know that they are getting a quality hairwraporbraids that they can show off and be proud of. Ihave a great passion forwhatwedo and Iam very grateful to our customers who loveour braids and hairwraps.It is a special momentwhen mums come up to me and tell me that I did their hair when they werea child and nowthey are bringing their own children to us.We are proudly “Australian Made”, Australian Owned and Australian Operated since the lastcentury!


I have been working at Surfers Paradise Hairwraps and Braiding for over 5 years. I first started when I was in year 11, I used to practice making wraps on the back of the school bus so that I would improve my wrapping skills to ensure that every customer walked away knowing that their wrap would last them a guaranteed amount of time.It took me two years to get as fast as I am now, and every year I am learning new styles and tricks to try. My favourite thing about hair wraps is the fact that it provides people not only with a holiday souvenir or a treat for the locals, but also a special memory, and I believe that this is what keeps our customers coming back year after year.



Hello, I’m Halie and I have been working at Surfers Paradise Hairwraps for close to 20 years! I love working with our friendly and talented staff, but it is the excited smiles and grateful comments of our many happy repeat customers that make this job truly rewarding. It is a great feeling to be able to offer you the highest quality hairwraps  and braids available and to finish them off with amazing handmade beads. Fimo has always been a passion for me, and our customers agree that these are the most beautiful, detailed handmade beads around. I am also happy to make these beads to order- they can be made to fit on your large dreadlocks!Face painting and glitter tattoos are a newer and endlessly creative outlet for me.



Hi I’m Kelly-Anne and I’ve been with Hair Wraps for 19 years. I never want to leave because I have the best boss in the world and the sweetest workmates.My favourite part is helping you choose beads, feathers and colours that suit your personality and assembling them perfectly in your hair so you leave me with a smile.



Hi there, I’m Amy, I’ve been working within this beautiful hairwraps and braiding team since 2007. I work in healthcare during the week and love having a creative outlet on the weekends to unwind and meet people from all different places – tourists and locals alike.



Hi, my name is Branka. I’ve been working here since 2014 and I find it relaxing and also fun!I am also passionate about art, nature, animals, traveling and enjoying the simple things.



Hi, my name is Peta and I’ve been a part of the hairwrap team since 2011. I love my job. I love the people I work with and all of our wonderful customers bring me so much joy. I also really love cats, exploring nature, hugging trees and playing video games.


Hi! I’m Nicole and I have been a part of the Surfers Paradise Hairwrapsand Braidingfamily for a year. When I was little, my mum always used to braid my hair so naturally Iwanted to learn as well. She let me practice on her hair until I was able to do it myselfand from then on I loved experimenting with different styles, including Always braidingmy hair during my classes at school. I have also been dancing for 12 years and wasalways braiding others hair for competitions or exams


Hi I’m Renata and I have been braiding hair most of my life.  It is my passion and creative outlet and I love to spread the joy that braiding gives.