The original hairwraps can be made onto your hair when you come and see us in the store. Prices start from $18 depending on the length of your hair, so we will measure the length of your hair to give you exact costs.

You choose your 6 favourite colours of cotton from our wide selection, then one of our talented staff will wrap the coloured cotton around a few strands of your hair. Finally, your hair will be wrapped inside a patterned hair wrap that will last for a very long time and stay looking as good as new.

Each hair wrap is individually designed and comes with 2 free beads. Choose from a wide selection of beads. Also, we have specially designed handmade Fimo beads to make your hair wrap even more special.

Our Removable Hairwraps are also extremely popular as they come with a free hair plait and can be taken out and reused for many years. They are available in many fabulous colours.

We also have long-lasting waterproof feathers that will last the lifetime of your hair wrap. So wash and swim as normal. Check our full head braids.