How To Use Your Removable Hair Wraps

Separate a small square section of hair either at the top head or behind the ear – depending on where you would like the hair wrap to sit – the clip away the rest of the hair.

Split 1/3 of the section to the black.

Slide the loop at the top of the hair wrap onto the threading tool.

Place your fingers through the middle of the threading tool and pick up the 2/3 of the section of the hair.

Pull the 2/3 of the section of hair through the middle of the threading tool.

Push the hair wrap up onto the piece of hair.

Remove the threading tool, and push the hair wrap up to the scalp.

Split the section of hair that is now inside the hair wrap loop into two equal pieces.

Pick up the section of hair from outside of the hair wrap loop (See Step 2) then plait all three pieces of hair together.

Continue to plait until you reach the end of the hair, leaving enough room to tie it off.

Tie the hair plait off with a small elastic band.

To Remove


Simple untie or cut the elastic band, and then unwind the hair plait, the HW will then just slide of the hair.