Full Head Braid

From $100
Thicker braids cost less!

A great style when you are on holidays so that you don’t need to bother brushing your hair! We are fast – our customers tell us we are the fastest! This ensures that you are sitting in the chair for as short a time as possible. We can even come to you in your hotel room so give us a call or drop us an email as bookings are essential for full head braids.


Prices range from $100 up, averaging at $200. It is up to you what you pay as the price you pay determines how thick the plaits are. The thinner the plaits; the longer it lasts. Thin plaits last approx one+ months and thicker plaits last 1 to 3 weeks. . We give you written instructions to take home to ensure that you know how to look after your plaits, plus we put a product in the plaits to ensure that they do not go frizzy. Our long lasting elastics ensure that your new hair style lasts as long as possible even whilst swimming and washing.