Removable Plait


Order your removable and reusable coloured braid and we will post it to you with an attachment kit and instructions. If you come and visit us at one our shops, we will attach it for you with a free plait and colour tip at the end of the free plait. These handmade coloured braids can be reused for 5 years as the high quality European cottons will not fade or break!


We have been hand making these removable braids for over 20 years here on the Gold Coast. They are made by using 100% cotton and tightly braiding along their length.   We guarantee that your coloured braid will not fade or break. Each braid comes with 3 free beads including one of our unique hand-made fimo beads. Simply attach to your hair according to our instructions and you can then wash and swim as normal.

You can choose how long you wear these removable braids for. Some have to take them out for work or dancing and others have been known to leave them in for a couple of years. You get to choose! I love it when our customers come and visit us and they bring an array of coloured braids that they have purchased from us over the decades and simply ask us to reattach them for them.   This is a cheaper option than the more intricate removable hair wrap and is suitable for a younger child who may just be happy to have a plait rather than a wrap. It is also thinner and not quite as strong.

If you don’t find a standard design to suit, simply email me with your choice of 3 colours and bead requirements, plus length needed and we will make it to order to your specifications.

Additional information – Remember to email us if you want specific colours for a special event (wedding, sporting event, school colours) along with the length needed and we will make it especially for you! GLOW IN THE DARK BEADS are available. Just mention it in your email and you can select glow beads at no extra charge.

Additional Information

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